Kohenoor Technologies Deploy Open Testnet for KEN-FI

What is Mudharba?

Islamic Mudharabah is a profit-sharing partnership where one party provides the capital (rab al-mal) and the other offers expertise and management (mudarib). Profits are shared according to a pre-agreed ratio, while losses are borne solely by the capital provider unless caused by the manager's negligence or misconduct or as agreed upon between the investor and the manager keeping the shariah bounds.

How do we help?

Kohenoor Technologies will facilitate Mudharabah-based partnerships between investors and project owners to maximize yields and ensure mutual benefits. By leveraging Mudharabah principles, investors provide the necessary capital while project owners contribute their expertise and management skills. This collaboration allows for shared profits according to pre-agreed terms, fostering a balanced and ethical investment environment. Kohenoor Technologies aims to create a sustainable and profitable ecosystem for all stakeholders involved.

How to reach us?

We are just a call away. Please contact us to get on board as an investor or as a project owner. We help project owners to meet their liquidity needs and investors by identifying suitable projects and markets for earrning massive returns on their investments which are shariah compliant (Halaal)

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