Kohenoor Technologies Deploy Open Testnet for KEN-FI

Business & Project Updates

Business Update (27-04-2024)

Project Update (23-03-2024)

KEN-BDAI (APP) - Testnet

Open for Mudharba Partnerships

Business Update (16-12-2023)

KEN-BDAI Wealth management Module

Selection from KEN's Blog (KOHENOOR.IO)

KEN Listing - Testnet

Launch price: ($0.01 Gold backed)

Maximum supply: 1,000,000

Allocated for test trading: 70,000

Circulating supply: 66,900

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Project Update (01-09-2023)


Business Update (04-08-2023)

Innovative P-I (development)

Project Update (16-08-2023)

Network: Polygon

Contract address for importing KEN: 0x0835cDd017eA7bC4cC187C6e0f8ea2DBE0feA0Dd

Test trading is on the go with a limited supply to ensure smooth transfers and exchange compatibilities.

Mainnet deployment date: 31-12-2025

Project Update (21-06-2024)