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Proven 96% accuracy outperforms top fund managers & traders

Roadmap to the Global Innovation and

The Financial Revolution

KOHENOOR was established for development of hi-tech tools that can be integrated to businesses to boost their earnings, exponentially. We help individuals and businesses to generate fresh streams of income.

Name: KOHENOOR Symbol: KEN

Launch date: 28-JUL-2023

Launch price: $0.01 (backed by Gold)

Maximum Supply: 1,000,000 KEN

Annual growth projected: 100% Actual: 488%

BDAI - Premium

BDAI is our cutting-edge tool which is about to revolutionize financial advisory. BDAI is AI-powered Big Data Analysis that refines through key inputs by our experts with decades of experience under their belts. BDAI takes into account 21 indicators before making an investment advisory. We coin together real time market behavior, traders' confidence, news and events surrounding a particular stock/asset with technical and fundamental readings. Our secret indicators and key inputs to the most advance LLM enable us to achieve 96% accuracy. We are bringing to the world the perfect blend of human expertise and unbeatable accuracy of AI while analyzing big historic data. We have a proven 96% accuracy to share with you.

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1.KEN (Payment Token):

Deployed on Polygon & listed on LATOKEN

2.KEN (R&D Token):

Deployed on BNB SC (Enclosed Mainnet)

KEN-FI (Testnet)

Deploying Soon...