On Demand Comparison of the two giants

Gold Vs Bitcoin: Which one is superior in Yields!

By Prof. Ahmad Bilal Khan

8/7/20231 min read

What absolute Numbers say:

From 2009 onwards, the annual return of gold, adjusted for inflation, has averaged around 3.3%, with a total return of approximately 57%. Conversely, during the same time frame, Bitcoin has seen an astonishing annualized return of nearly 145% when adjusted for inflation, resulting in an extraordinary total return of 23,983,965%

There's absolutely no comparison, in fact! Yield during last 14 years of Bitcoin are thousands of times more than that of Gold or any other asset one can imagine. There's only one crypto coin which has beaten the yields of Bitcoin. Shiba, a meme coin has produced yields equivalent to 47,890,988% in five years.