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The Second most crucial innovation

Prof. Ahmad Bilal Khan

9/5/20233 min read

Knowledge Gateway School (KGS): Revolutionizing Education through Consultancy Services

Knowledge Gateway School (KGS) has consistently demonstrated its commitment to innovation in education and its dedication to equipping students with the skills needed to achieve financial freedom. One of the most transformative developments in KGS's journey has been the introduction of consultancy services, a model deeply rooted in Islamic principles and designed to create a symbiotic relationship between mentors and students. This shift has not only enhanced the learning experience but has also yielded remarkable financial results.

The Bond between Mentor and Student

KGS recognized early on that traditional educational models often lacked the practicality and real-world relevance necessary for students to excel in fields like trading and finance. To bridge this gap, KGS introduced a unique mentorship model, drawing inspiration from the Islamic concept of Mudharba. In Mudharba, a partnership is formed based on fair and clean principles, where one party provides expertise (the Mudarib) and the other party (the Rabb-ul-Maal) invests capital. Profits are shared based on a pre-agreed ratio, ensuring fairness in the partnership.

KGS adapted this concept to the world of education, where the mentor assumed the role of the Mudarib and the student acted as the Rabb-ul-Maal. In this partnership, the student paid a subscription fee to access the mentor's expertise and guidance. The goal was simple yet profound: to allow students to witness their wealth grow in real-life scenarios, just as an investor would in a financial partnership.

Unbelievable Yields: Surpassing 50% Per Year

The results of this innovative approach were nothing short of extraordinary. Under the Mudharba-inspired mentorship model, KGS students experienced remarkable success, with annual returns consistently surpassing 50%. This impressive performance was a testament to the effectiveness of the partnership, where the mentor's knowledge and guidance were put into practice, leading to tangible financial gains for the students.

Students not only learned the theoretical aspects of trading and finance but also had the opportunity to apply this knowledge in a live trading environment. This practical experience proved invaluable in honing their skills and instilling confidence in their trading abilities.

The Birth of KGS-Hybrid Trading Platforms

Recognizing the potential of this mentorship model and the demand for such practical education in the wider community, Knowledge Gateway School decided to take the next step. In line with its commitment to innovation, it launched KGS-Hybrid Trading Platforms in 2020, a consultancy and management service operating on a subscription model.

Under this new initiative, individuals seeking financial expertise and management services could subscribe to KGS-Hybrid Trading Platforms. In return, they gained access to a team of experienced mentors who provided personalized guidance, portfolio management, and trading strategies. This service not only facilitated hands-on learning but also offered individuals the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of seasoned professionals.

Impact and Significance of Consultancy Services

The development of consultancy services within Knowledge Gateway School signifies a paradigm shift in the field of education. It demonstrates that learning is not confined to classrooms or theoretical knowledge alone. By embracing practicality and creating a genuine partnership between mentors and students, KGS has transformed the way individuals learn about finance and trading.

This model also highlights the application of ethical and fair financial principles, as seen in the Mudharba concept. It aligns with Islamic finance principles, emphasizing transparency, fairness, and the sharing of both risks and rewards. In doing so, KGS sets an example for ethical business practices and education.

Furthermore, the remarkable yields achieved through this model underline its effectiveness in preparing students and subscribers for real-world success. It proves that education can be a powerful tool for financial empowerment when coupled with practical experience and expert guidance.

In conclusion, Knowledge Gateway School's journey from traditional education to the development of consultancy services reflects a commitment to innovation, practicality, and ethical principles. By pioneering a model inspired by Islamic financial partnerships, KGS has not only transformed education but has also empowered individuals to take control of their financial futures. KGS-Hybrid Trading Platforms represents a significant milestone in the institution's evolution, serving as a beacon of opportunity and empowerment for individuals seeking financial education and success.