Centralized to Decentralized

Interesting Decentralization is on Cards

By Prof. Ahmad Bilal Khan

8/8/20231 min read

After Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), a lender to startups, was taken over by regulators in the biggest U.S. bank failure since 2008, there were significant gains in the prices of crypto currencies led by Bitcoin this March, 2023. SVB had suffered major losses due to a combination of interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve and depositors withdrawing their money, leading to a forced sale of investments and triggering panic among other depositors. Signature Bank was also shut down, causing other regional bank stocks to drop. Crypto experts have pointed out that the decentralized structure of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, which are built on blockchain and not controlled by a single entity, makes them a viable solution to the problems currently facing traditional finance. Cathie Wood of Ark Investment Management stated that her crypto team is unsurprised by the increasing value of cryptocurrencies this week, as their blockchains are decentralized, transparent, and auditable, unlike banks.

So, here is what to expect, buddies:

Each failure in the banking sector will contribute to the cause of decentralized economy and the future pattern will thus be set!

Around 2000 well reputed banks have failed across the globe (500 in the USA alone) during the last two decades and this is one of the major reasons why people are showing interest in the decentralized economy by investing over a trillion dollars in Crypto Currencies.

Watch out! FOREX market is going to shed some weight now along with stock exchanges to feed crypto markets. This will be gradual, relatively slow because you have to beat generations of convention. I however, foresee a significant pace up now! Next 10 years will be crucial for both models and the trust will go to the decentralized from the centralized!