KOHENOOR is an innovative product offered by Knowledge Gateway Schools. KGS was established in 2019 with a vision to enable people of Pakistan to acquire financial freedom trading online as well as through freelance activities. Our accomplished mentors who joined KGS for training students were latter added to the brain pool of KGS forming KGS-HTP which has been providing world class financial consultancy services since 2021. 

Through KOHENOOR, we are going to be globally present. We now provide top-notch consultancy and management services to help businesses thrive, across the globe. Our team of experts will assist you in portfolio development, asset management, and business consultancy. We provide innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs.

I, Prof. Ahmad Bilal Khan (Founder & CEO of Knowledge Gateway) welcome you to KOHENOOR.TECH!

Quality and speedy delivery of services is ensured. Our aim is to take our subscribers to their financial destinations. Our success is our partners' satisfaction. Our subscribers receive the required training if they are starting up and expert counseling if they already have the basic knowledge but want to excel. 

KGS has the honor of pioneering a training venture for our subscribers in the most wanted and the most promising technologies of present and the future. We were the first to offer the four-star pack offering expert level training in four technologies i.e Blockchain, Metaverse, Web3 and Artificial Intelligence. It took a lot of efforts for us to reach where we are and we aim to reach the top in the world in our field by growing your assets/income at an astonishing rate of 50% per annum.

I, Basil Ahmad Khan (Executive Director, Knowledge Gateway) thank you for your interest in KOHENOOR!